Cow mattresses

Cow matresses are now an integral part of cow stalls and there is a huge range to choose from. For livestock farmers, the mattress is a welcome addition for achieving cow comfort. There are also other specific benefits, such as:
longer lying times resulting in higher milk yield
less use of bedding material
better grip when getting up, which increases the cow’s confidence
cleaner cows, as long as the stall’s equipment is properly adjusted!
fewer foot, knee and leg problems

We have three types of mattresses in our assortment




BvPro-Favorit Matras

BVpro-Favorit is a breathable mattress which is top ranked by the cows themselves. The German Agricultural Society (DLG) has also awarded the mattress two certificates!


BVpro-Latex, a comfortable cow mattress, requiring very little bedding. It retains its original shape and has a long service life. Easy to clean, excellent lying comfort, 100% latex.


BVpro calving mattress: your best cow doing the splits after calving? This won’t happen with our calving mattress, which can also be used as a sick bay.


The BVpro-Welfarefloor has been developed by Bevepro in collaboration with dairy farmers. The experience gained in using this floor is also applied to the development of floors for stables in which cows can walk around freely.